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Designing for Lost & Found crew and tying my creations with their music for releases and tours is a dream. With aim to connect art to the mood of each release and artists as much as possible, I had some incredible experiences. Especially while working on Chicola’s album Could Heaven Be, determined to visually present the unbelievable story behind it.

It is truly an amazing experience for me holding an artwork I made for a piece of music released on Lost & Found Recordings.

Lost & Found Recordings is a sub-label of Bedrock Records run by Guy J and launched in 2012. This exciting and now well known platform allows Guy to release his own critically lauded, sensual, hypnotic take on house, techno and ambient music. It also gives him the freedom to sign and nurture new talent and hidden gems from established artists.
Album, Vinyl and Digital Release Cover Art, Creative Art, Festival & Tour Art

Album, Vinyl & Release Art

Since Guy J’s work is always touched with a magic and emotion that few rival, this project is a very exciting prospect indeed.

Festival & Tour Art

Lost & Found will operate as a sub-label of Bedrock, John Digweed’s influential and long-established mothership. Therefore, it surely means there is a wealth of experience and knowledge behind the scene.

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